登記參加主日彌撒 Register to Attend Sunday Mass

請注意: 登記前請閱讀以下重要公告.

Note: Please read the important notice below before registering.

登記截止時間為每週星期五下午1點.  Cut-off for mass registration is Friday 1pm.

請注意: 星期日粵語/普通話彌撒時間已經改為上午十一時。



星期六 下午四時三十分(國,粵及英語講道)

星期日 上午九時三十分(英語彌撒)
星期日 上午十一時 (粵語/普通話彌撒)


鑒於新冠肺炎仍未完全受到控制,教堂需按亞省醫務處及教區指引,每台彌撒的人數包括神父,禮儀及工作人員在內不得超過100人。 故此有意參加主日彌撒的教友需要提前登記,於週四下午四時前於堂區網頁作實名登記。如沒途徑上網,可致電堂區辦事處(780) 482-7481直接與堂區秘書登記。此舉不但能讓堂區控制參與彌撒的人數,並若不幸發生新冠肺炎的感染個案時,省政府醫務處易於追蹤病源及相關接觸者。基於預計平日彌撒參加人數不多,所以參加平日彌撒的教友,暫不需提前報名,堂區會安排人員為參加彌撒的會眾作在地登記。



而參望彌撒者或其家人必須在出席彌撒前十四天沒有進出本省,並沒有咳嗽、噴嚏、流鼻 水丶呼吸困難丶胸痛、頭暈及發燒等病徵(詳情請參照附件的「教區自我健康評估問卷」)。信友進入聖堂範圍時,必須戴上口罩,用消毒液搓手。無論在教堂整個範圍內及 於領聖體時,均需跟隨工作人員及已張貼於堂區內的指引,保持六尺的社交距離 (同住一 屋的人除外)。彌撒後,教友須由運動室的大門立即離開聖堂埸地,避免任何社交接觸。 並不要在停車場多作逗留。除非能保持六尺社交距離,否則請勿留下交談。

以上一切措施都是為了保障教友,減低神父及其他人染上新冠肺炎的風險,讓上主護佑我 們能早日恢復全面參與彌撒及敬拜祂。多謝各位留意!

Announcement Regarding Church Re-opening

Since the relaunch of weekend masses in our parish on June 13, our 11 am Chinese masses have been rescheduled to start at noon. This is due to time requirements to implement safety preventive measures. A few weeks have since passed and all the arrangements are well underway and mastered, the parish has now decided that we can go back to start mass at 11 am, commencing July 5. Please note that online mass time remains unchanged at 11 am as well. Thank you for your attention:


Saturday at 4:30 pm (Homily will be in Cantonese, Mandarin and English)

Sunday at 9:30 am in English

Sunday 11:00 am in Cantonese/Mandarin


We will continue to livestream mass at 11am on Sunday for everyone who cannot attend mass in person. Please note that the dispensation from Sunday mass obligations by Archbishop Smith continues to be in effect.


During the pandemic, the doors of our parish are locked at all times except half an hour before each mass. They will be locked 5 minutes before mass starts. For mass attendees, please be on time lest you will not be able to enter the church premises.  For your information, each mass is restricted to 100 participants including the priest and any service helpers. You need to pre-register your attendance before 4 PM every Thursday with the church secretary at 780-482-7481. For weekday masses, advanced registration is not required as we do not anticipate large number of parishioners.


The Archdiocese and Alberta Health Services encourage all who are 65 years and older to stay home and attend mass online. People who have chronic medical illnesses are encouraged to do the same.

Mass attendees or any members of their household should not have travelled out of Alberta in the past two weeks or exhibit any symptoms such as coughing, sneezing, shortness of breath etc. (Please refer to the Archdiocese self assessment tool as attached to this announcement). Mass attendees must wear a mask when entering and exiting the church, and when receiving the Holy Eucharist. Hand sanitizer is to be used to disinfect your hands upon entry. You must keep a distance of six feet with others (except people living in the same household). This includes time to receive the Holy Eucharist and while sitting at the pews. After mass, please leave at the gymnasium exit without delay. Unless you can keep your social distancing, please also refrain from socializing in the parking lot.


All the above measures are for our protection and to minimize the risk of contracting COVID-19. Your understanding and patience is much appreciated. Let us pray that we will be able to worship God safely and without restrictions soon!

網上彌撒 Online Mass

For Chinese Mass 中文彌撒:

常年期第十四主日彌撒 (2020-07-05 11am)





For English Mass 英文彌撒:

Please check out Live-streamed Mass in the Archdiocese of Edmonton (https://grandinmedia.ca/livestream/).

Telus will also broadcast the 10:30 a.m. Sunday Mass from St. Joseph's Basilica on Telus Optik TV Channel 8915.

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