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Sunday Mass Registration
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慈幼中文學校 2024-25 年度註冊安排

慈幼中文學校已於 4月20日開始接受 2024-25 學年的提前報名。歡迎年滿 三歲半或以上現就讀本校的學生,學生的兄弟姊妹,及教友報名,提前註冊的截止日期為 2024 年 5月3日。 新生的公開註冊將於 5月4日開始。報讀 2024-25 學年幼兒園低班的新生必須於 2024 年 9 月之前年滿 3 歲半(即2021年3月後出生),並曾接受便盆培訓,方可被接納入學。有關註冊新 學年事宜,請聯絡校長 Catherine Chan。


在過去兩年多以來,為著防止病毒的傳播,彌撒期間的奉獻都是由教友直接投 入放置在聖堂內的捐款箱,隨著疫情持續放緩,堂區教友活動亦漸漸回復正 常。堂區已於三月十七日起恢復過往的收奉獻方式,即由引座員於彌撒聖祭中 傳遞籐籃收取。電子支付奉獻的方式,將會持續使用。教友可按自己方便的方 式進行捐獻。多謝各位留意!

Latest News

Salesian Chinese School Registration 2024-25

The early registration for Salesian Chinese School for existing students, their siblings, and parishioners for the 2024-25 school year was started on April 20th, 2024. Deadline for early registration is May 3rd, 2024.  Public registration for new students will begin on May 4th, 2024. New Students who enroll into Junior Kindergarten class 2024-2025 need to be three and a half years old by September 2024 (born March 2021) and fully potty-trained to confirm enrollment into class. Please register for the upcoming school year by contacting the School’s Principal, Catherine Chan.

Donate during Masses

In order to prevent the spread of the virus, offerings during Mass have been made personally by you in the donation box placed inside the chapel. As the pandemic continues to subside, the activities of our parishioners have gradually returned to normal. The previous collection method has been restored, in which ushers pass out baskets during Masses. Electronic payment methods like E-transfer for donations will continue to be used. Parishioners can donate according to their own convenience. Thank you for your attention!

Parish Pastor : Rev. Dominic Qin, CSJB


Deacon : Francis Lau



1. 郵寄支票:

        Chinese Catholic Parish (Edmonton)

        10140 119 St NW, Edmonton, AB  T5K 1Y9

2. 電子郵件轉帳:

* 請備註捐獻意向, 捐款信封號碼或全名.

Donate to Our Parish

1. Mail cheque to our parish:
        Chinese Catholic Parish (Edmonton)

        10140 119 St NW, Edmonton, AB  T5K 1Y9

2. Interac e-Transfer:

* Please specify donation purpose, along with your donation envelope number or full name.

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